Tech Talk 3 – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

2pm AEDT

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure at MASSIVE.

Presenter:  Jafar Lie, Chris Hines, Monash University

This talk will discuss the advantages, limitations and architecture of building serverless web applications in the research domain. Further, this talk will explore 2 existing research web applications Data Mosaic and Geophysical Processing Toolkit, how they take advantage of serverless technologies and the reasoning behind the architecture.

Unimelb Researcher Desktops

Presenter:  Bernard Meade, University of Melbourne

The Researcher Desktop was designed to alleviate the burden of creating and managing virtual machines in the Melbourne Research Cloud (MRC). Researchers access the service with their existing credentials and the desktops come preinstalled with the most common research tools and the users’ OneDrive premounted. By using the same image installed on the University’s managed computers to create the Researcher Desktops, users are presented with a familiar interface and the desktops can be supported through the Service Centre. By removing the complexity associated with the IaaS approach, practically no training is required for researchers to start using the service.

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