Our People

At the ARDC, our people are our greatest asset. Meet the CEO, Senior Leadership Team and our staff, who can help you with your data and digital research needs.
Our People

The ARDC staff are technical experts who partner with the research community to deliver national digital research infrastructure.

Meet our Chief Executive Officer, Senior Leadership Team, and our Engagements and Expertise staff, who can answer your questions and connect you with the right expert for your needs.

Chief Executive Officer

Rosie Hicks headshot

Rosie Hicks

Chief Executive Officer
Strategy, research infrastructure, nanofabrication, industry engagement

Senior Leadership Team

Adrian Burton headshot

Dr Adrian Burton

Deputy CEO and Director, People Research Data Commons
Strategy, informatics, data assets, national policy
Ben Chiu headshot

Ben Chiu

Director, Services
Services, technology strategy, cybersecurity, digital skills and capabilities, customer experience
Matt Dailey headshot

Matt Dailey

Chief Operating Officer
Operations, finance, strategy, governance, organisational performance, change management
Emma Crott headshot

Dr Emma Crott

Chief of Staff and Company Secretary
Administration, governance, strategy development
Jenny Fewster headshot

Jenny Fewster

Director, HASS and Indigenous Research Data Commons
Digital humanities, HASS, Indigenous research, GLAM
Sheida Hadavi headshot

Dr Sheida Hadavi

Director, Translational Research Data Challenges
Program management, information systems, data analytics
Hamish Holewa headshot

Hamish Holewa

Director, Planet Research Data Commons
Research infrastructure, strategy, IT development and management, environment and climate change
Keith Russell headshot

Keith Russell

Director, Outreach
Institutional research data management capability, FAIR
Natasha Simons headshot

Natasha Simons

Director, National Coordination
Strategic initiatives, program management, informatics, international collaboration, data assets
Andrew Treloar headshot

Dr Andrew Treloar

Director, International Strategy
Platforms, software, data management, digital research infrastructure, international partners

Engagements Team

Robin Burgess profile photo

Dr Robin Burgess

Manager, Engagements Team
Data governance, management and planning, FAIR, CARE

Dr Kathryn Barker

Research Data Alliance Community Development Manager
Communication, engagement, research data, project management
Richard Ferrers profile photo

Dr Richard Ferrers

Data Consultant
Institutional data maturity, communities, FAIR data, trusted data repositories
Mary Filsell headshot

Mary Filsell

Data Consultant
FAIR, GLAM, HASS, research data management, research, outreach and engagement
Andrew crop profile photo

Andrew White

Data Consultant
Engagement, institutional data maturity, communities, FAIR

Expertise Team

Jon Smillie headshot

Jonathan Smillie

Systems Analyst and Manager (Acting), Expertise
eResearch infrastructure, systems architectures and analysis
our staff,ARDC staff,ARDC management,ARDC contacts,Our people

Dr Muhammad Ali

Research Data Specialist (Data Architecture)
Data architecture, data workflows, data science (AI), energy infrastructures
Gnana Bharathy headshot

Dr Gnana K Bharathy

Research Data Specialist (AI/ML)
AI, ML, modelling (various), socio-technical systems, risk
Kylie Black headshot

Kylie Black

Research Data Specialist
Sensitive data, Bushfires projects
Aleem Uddin headshot

Dr Aleem Uddin

Research Infrastructure Specialist (Virtualisation)
Containerisation, virtualisation, Kubernetes, FAIR software, Analytics, technology management, AI, research
Rhys Williams profile photo

Dr Rhys Williams

Research Data Specialist (Health and Medical)
Biomedical, clinical research, partnerships, bioinformatics

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