Advisory Services

Supporting your data and digital research challenges.
Advisory Services

Our ARDC staff are Australia’s national research infrastructure experts.

We have dedicated teams that provide advisory services to help you and your organisation accelerate your research, innovation and industry collaboration.

Our advisory services are available to researchers and research organisations around Australia.

We also actively provide advice for research-industry collaborations and the data challenges involved in those activities.

About Our Advisory Services

Our Engagements team operates as a dedicated source for addressing your questions and needs proactively through a single contact point.

Meet the Engagements team.

Supporting your data and digital research challenges and needs will help researchers in your organisation conduct data-intensive research more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

And it doesn’t stop there. We’re always striving to understand your changing strategic imperatives and respond to them accordingly. We do this by:

  • providing quick and effective support and advice from the expertise available across ARDC and beyond
  • raising awareness for existing services, both within ARDC and beyond
  • helping to implement ARDC services, both technical and human
  • connecting you with comparable organisations addressing similar challenges and issues through our communities.

The Engagements team facilitates a range of communities, igniting discussions around latest themes and topics and facilitating the agreement and sharing of frameworks, standards and approaches. This means we’re working to not only meet but anticipate research needs and, in doing so, keeping Australia at the cutting edge of innovation.

Explore our communities and groups.

Do you have a complex digital research challenge?

Our dedicated Expertise team is the brains trust that collaborates with Engagements to provide in-depth advice. It draws on the collective knowledge and experience across the ARDC to deliver leading-edge, best-practice solutions.

Meet our Expertise team.

Our scope of support covers the breadth of digital research infrastructure including, but not limited to:

  • data governance
  • organisational data maturity
  • sensitive data
  • system and data architecture
  • data in AI and machine learning
  • FAIR data principles
  • persistent identifiers
  • vocabularies
  • data licensing
  • data retention
  • trusted data repositories
  • research software
  • cloud compute
  • containerising your data and code.

Request a Workshop

Are you embarking on a data challenge but not sure what aspects you need to consider? We provide a range of self-evaluation workshops that will work through a number of considerations and possible solutions.

Our hosted workshops include:

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