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G-ADOPT Workshop 2024

Join this 3-day workshop at the ANU's Kioloa Coastal Campus in New South Wales for a showcase of G-ADOPT, a versatile geoscientific modelling platform, and training for potential users.
Ice-covered Antarctic coast
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About the Event

Mark your diaries for the 3-day 2024 G-ADOPT workshop, which will be held at the ANU’s Kioloa Coastal Campus in New South Wales!

G-ADOPT, or the Geoscientific Adjoint Optimization Platform, is an ARDC-supported platform that helps earth science researchers derive and implement inverse models. It combines the dolfin-adjoint software library, which provides a state-of-the-art inverse modelling method, and Firedrake, which can automatically generate the code for the modelling. Originally designed for geodynamics, it is now transforming data-driven modelling capabilities across the geosciences. Learn more about G-ADOPT.

The workshop will provide background to the platform and training for potential users, facilitating community growth. It will provide an opportunity for the G-ADOPT team to showcase recent progress on the forward and adjoint components of this finite element modelling platform.

Focus Areas

  • Mantle and lithosphere dynamics
  • Glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) and visco-elasticity
  • Multi-material simulations
  • Adjoint-based optimisation problems

Who Should Attend

National and international participants are welcome. Registration is free for students and early-career researchers (ECRs).

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10 November 2024 - 12 November 2024


4 pm, 10 November to 4 pm, 12 November (AEST)




ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus, 496 Murramarang Road, Kioloa NSW 2539

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Free for students and ECRs; $200 for other attendees