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In conjunction with our partners, the ARDC provides high capacity digital data storage for nationally significant collections, cloud computing, collection curation and data management resources, as well as national catalogue, identifier and vocabulary services. Download our brochure and see what opportunities you have to accelerate your research.

Nectar Research Cloud

Our Nectar Research Cloud is Australia’s first federated research cloud. This service provides Australia’s research community with computing infrastructure and software. Researchers can store, access, and run data, remotely, rapidly and autonomously.

Research Data Australia

Research Data Australia (RDA) is an online portal for finding research data and associated projects, researchers, and data services. You can find, access, and reuse data for research from over one hundred Australian research organisations, government agencies, and cultural institutions.

Identifier Services

We provide services to create and manage persistent identifiers for research data, research samples, files, documents or other digital objects. Identifiers connect objects to important context surrounding the objects and adds value to them.

Research Vocabularies Australia

Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA) makes it easy to find and use controlled vocabularies used in research. It also makes it possible for Australian research organisations to publish, re-purpose, create, and manage their own controlled vocabularies.

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Research Digital Platforms

Platform services help and enable researchers in carrying out their research activities. Platforms are also called virtual research environments or virtual laboratories and examples include the Australian Biocommons, Galaxy Australia, and EcoCommons.

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Community of Practice (CoPs)

ARDC provides a platform for information exchange, best practice, problem solving and peer support through a wide range of CoPs (Community of Practice) workshops and events. Learn more and participate in our CoPs of your specific interests.


Engagement and Support

The ARDC Engagements team is available to assist with data and digital research challenges including the FAIR principles, data publishing and sharing, and identifying appropriate national infrastructures to help you conduct data intensive research.

Ongoing engagement and support

Our Engagements team supports you with your data and eResearch challenges and needs to help you and researchers in your organisation conduct data intensive research more efficiently and effectively.

Learn more about how they can assist you to ensure your questions and needs are proactively addressed.