Health Data Australia

Find and share health data for research.
Health Data Australia

Health Data Australia is a national catalogue of Australian health data. 

On Health Data Australia, health and medical researchers register a description of their research so it’s easy to discover. This service is currently available for clinical trial data.

Researchers seeking data can:

  • discover clinical trial data
  • find information about the data
  • request access to the data via a request form.

What You Can Do with Health Data Australia

On Health Data Australia, you can search for and request access to clinical trials datasets collected across Australia by universities, medical research institutes, clinical trials networks and health services. You can also find information that helps you understand those datasets, such as study protocols and data dictionaries.

The data is held and managed by the organisations responsible for the clinical trials. You can use Health Data Australia to submit an access request to the data owner.

Health Data Australia was launched in July 2023, and we are continuously incorporating new datasets, features and enhancements. Over the next 5 years, as part of the ARDC’s People Research Data Commons, we will expand Health Data Australia to incorporate a wider array of data collections from different health research studies, as well as government and health service data.

Share Your Clinical Trial Data

Clinical trialists and data custodians can use Health Data Australia to share clinical trial data according to standards designed by the Australian clinical trials community and fulfil data sharing requirements that come with public funding. To learn more, contact us.

Health Data Australia provides a framework for researchers across Australia to:

  • gain increased recognition and visibility for their research
  • extend the life of their research
  • meet their responsibilities to share data from publicly funded research projects
  • facilitate new collaborations to expand their research impact.

It is anticipated that this will lead to:

  • increased ability to understand and answer specific questions and generate new hypotheses
  • more publications and citations, new students, successful grants and a sense of helping others across the country
  • better access to guidance, standards and governance around data sharing.


Over 70 health research organisations from across Australia, organised into 9 nodes, contribute to Health Data Australia. They are part of the Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) initiative, which began in 2021 and is coordinated by the ARDC. 

Learn more about HeSANDA.

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