ARDC Leadership Series: Data and Platforms to Meet Australia’s Future Research Needs

Join this ARDC Leadership Forum for a showcase of valuable data assets and platforms for researchers delivered through our National Data Assets and Platforms programs.
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About the Event

The ARDC Leadership Series is a series of forums providing leaders and decision makers with an opportunity to work through data challenges impacting researchers in Australia.

Australian researchers need access to significant national-scale data assets to tackle the grand challenges that we are facing now and into the future. Not only do researchers need high quality data assets, but they also need the platforms to bring together, analyse and share this data.

In this first of the 2024 Leadership forums, we will bring key stakeholders in the research sector together to celebrate the ARDC’s National Data Assets and Platforms initiatives and showcase the valuable data assets and platforms now available to researchers. Many of these new tools and services are featured in our resources for researchers.

The ARDC’s National Data Assets program supported the development of 25 national-scale research data assets to support reliable high-quality research, improve efficiency through greater sharing of resources, catalyse data innovation through data science, and enhance research translation to produce benefits for communities beyond the research sector.

The ARDC’s Platform Program co-invested in 26 platform infrastructures to increase the number of researchers with access to platforms, both the absolute number and the diversity of disciplines. This program also supported a community of platform developers and managers creating these cutting edge platforms.

The ARDC is now building on the experiences in these programs to construct Thematic Research Data Commons around a number of key, strategic themes, bringing together data assets, tools, platforms, compute, expertise and skills to meet Australia’s future research needs.


Who Should Attend

  • Researchers
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Policy makers
  • Research support staff
  • Other interested people


This session will be recorded. The recording will provided to all registrants. Please register even if you are unable to attend the live session.

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29 February 2024


2 to 4 pm (AEDT)




Shine Dome, Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country, Canberra, ACT 2600 | Online

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