Australian Data Partnerships

Developing national-scale data assets to support leading-edge research.
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The Challenge

The research benefits from national-scale data assets cannot be realised without some Commonwealth investment. The necessary scale of infrastructure and the underpinning multi-party collaborations will not emerge naturally from individual research organisation investment and activity.

The Approach

We’re driving a program to establish and develop national-scale data assets where external factors have impeded their emergence to date.

A national data asset is a strategic collection of data with the governance, standards, policy, technology, services, skills and community required to make that data FAIR for Australian researchers. These data assets are national in scale with the data coming from, governed by, and used by research organisations across Australia. A national data asset supports leading edge research, including research excellence, integrity, and broader societal impact.


The Australian Data Partnerships program is part of the larger ARDC National Data Assets initiative and prioritises consortia of research organisations.

For each project, we are partnering with a set of stakeholders to establish or develop national-scale data assets that support leading-edge research. Together, our partners are contributing $6.6 million to 13 projects.

Explore our projects to learn more about our partnerships.

Target Outcomes

This program will produce new or improved national data assets, including new multi-party governance and the collaborative arrangements needed to sustain those assets. These national data assets will lead to long-term environmental, economic and social impacts as more researchers are able to access nationally significant, high-quality data collections to solve Australia’s biggest challenges.

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