Cross-NCRIS National Data Assets

National-scale data assets to support leading-edge research.
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The Challenge

The ARDC is a key project in the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), a network of more than 20 research enablers across Australia. The breadth and depth of data produced by the network is enormous.

We’re driving a program that provides Australian researchers with competitive advantage by bringing together data collections from across the NCRIS facilities and making it easier for researchers to use them.

The Approach

Through the Cross-NCRIS National Data Assets program, the ARDC partnered with groups of NCRIS facilities to establish national-scale data assets to support leading-edge research.

These partnerships added value by aggregating, harmonising and integrating data across national facilities.

This program required each project to include at least 2 NCRIS facilities as project partners as well as data from at least 2 NCRIS facilities.


The Cross-NCRIS program was one of 6 programs under the larger ARDC National Data Assets initiative.

The ARDC sought co-design input from NCRIS facilities and potential beneficiaries of cross-NCRIS data assets. The NCRIS facilities collaborated to produce data assets that support multi-domain science and research translation.


The new cross-NCRIS data assets are supporting new research programs, insights or efficiencies, meet community standards and have high-impact applications for our environment, society and economy.

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March 2021 to June 2023

Current Phase


ARDC Co-investment

$2.9 million

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