Building on Monash University’s Massive Transfusion Registry (MTR), this project will establish a new national transfusion data asset which will incorporate data from several national clinical datasets and improve blood utilisation and patient management and outcomes.

The National Transfusion data asset will describe numbers and characteristics of patients transfused prehospital (for example, by ambulance/retrieval services), in hospital, or in the community, or reasons for and outcomes of transfusion. This data asset will include data on all (not just massive) transfusions.

1 Integration
Integrate prehospital and hospital transfusion data into a single dataset.
2 Expansion
Reconfigure the Massive Transfusion Registry to capture all hospital transfusions.
3 Linkage
Link this national transfusion dataset with clinical outcomes data.

Core features

National coverage
The transfusion data asset will include data from all States and Territories on the use of all blood products and transfusion outcomes.
Data discovery and access
A common “front door” will provide coordinated access to transfusion datasets managed by partner organisations, for use by researchers and others.
Quality data
The adoption of common standards and workflows will increase the quality and interoperability of the available data.

Who is this project for?

  • Government agencies
  • Researchers
  • Research organisations
  • Clinicians
  • Healthcare agencies

What does this project enable?

This project will enable streamlined access to a comprehensive national dataset of transfusion practice and create new research opportunities to inform national transfusion policy and practice, improve blood utilisation and patient management and outcomes.

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