The Australian Data Partnerships program is one of six programs in the National Data Assets initiative.

Projects in the Australian Data Partnerships program create or develop high quality data collections that support leading edge research (publications, grants, impact, science priorities) and are national in scale (not institutional), that is:

  • Have data from multiple organisations
  • Have data that is consumed by researchers, policy makers, industry, NGOs from multiple organisations
  • Have governance arrangements over the data that include multiple organisations

View the announcement of the successful Australian Data Partnerships projects.

More information on the program intent is in the full program description (updated 27 August 2020) [PDF 500KB].


We took a two-stage approach to making investments in Australian Data Partnerships. The first stage was a call for expressions of interest (EOIs) followed by a request for proposals (RFP).

EOI phase

The EOI phase intended to encourage collaboration between researchers, research organisations and communities around a proposed national scale data asset investment, to maximise a data asset’s potential impact. EOIs were made public on the ARDC website, and we actively brokered discussions between similar EOIs so that combined proposals could be developed and submitted in the RFP phase. We hosted a webinar to assist research organisations and communities to understand the Australian Data Partnerships program and best position themselves to submit a proposal.

RFP phase

The RFP phase was a competitive call and was only open to those who submitted a successful EOI and their collaborators.

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The table below provides an indicative time frame for the activities, noting that the ongoing impact of COVID-19 is impossible to forecast and may result in significant changes over time.

Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) (opens-closes)7 - 31 July 2020
Open Call Q and A Webinar22 July 2020
Request for Proposals (RFP) (opens-closes)1 - 18 Sept 2020
Evaluation of proposalsMid Nov 2020
Announcement of successful projects and contracts awardedDecember 2020
Projects commenceJanuary 2021


Projects in the Australian Data Partnerships program will establish new, or improve existing, data collections (data assets). The new or improved data asset itself is the output of the project, including new multi-party governance and collaborative arrangements needed to sustain it. Collaboration, visualisation and analytic tools or platforms used on the data assets are obviously necessary for benefit realisation but are not considered appropriate deliverables for this program. More information on the program intent is in the full program description (updated 27 August 2020) [PDF 500KB].

For projects that focus on developing platforms and virtual research environments to work with data, the Platforms Open Call 2020 may be more appropriate. The Platforms open call is for development of platform infrastructure (by adoption or adaptation of existing solutions), and associated work on integrations and connections to data resources and tools.


The total investment for the Australian Data Partnerships program is up to $5.6M. Individual project proposals can apply for a total of up to $500,000 over two and a half years.

The ARDC recognises that the COVID-19 situation has placed financial constraints on many organisations, which are restricting the funds available for infrastructure projects. To assist in the continued development of e-research infrastructure, 1:1 matching co-investment will not be mandatory for this Australia Data Partnerships Open Call; however, the level of co-investment will form part of the Proposal evaluation criteria.


Project proposals were accepted from Australian organisations. Note that the ARDC needs to contract with a legal entity.

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