Skilled workforce

Enhancing coordination and coherence of Australia’s people capability via skills development is one of the Australian Research Data Commons’ (ARDC) four draft strategic themes. Our Skilled Workforce program targets the skills and training needs of the workforce who enable researchers to do data intensive research such as data stewards (librarians, archivists etc), research software engineers, policy makers and influencers, data analysts and data scientists.

Our program:

  • is national in scope while being flexible to support local needs
  • enables support for best practice in the management and use of research data, tools and infrastructure
  • takes a “train the trainer” approach
  • is most often delivered in coordination, cooperation and/or collaboration with other organisations, institutions and training providers
  • draws on expertise within the global and national research community
  • is delivered through a variety of mechanisms such as face-to-face workshops and online self-paced activities
  • has a strong intersection with policy and infrastructure development activities
  • supports related Communities of Practice through coordination and facilitation.