Focusing on people and policy to help create a national research data commons

To meet the challenges required for Australia to excel in the new digital economy, a focus on the policy environment and social infrastructure is needed to realise a vibrant data commons. In order to create effective and sustainable digital infrastructure, social, organisational and cultural issues must be addressed, in addition to technical solutions.

Cultural change, workforce development programs and policy frameworks, supported by sustainable communities, are needed to create an environment that support and capitalise on the key elements of an Australian research data commons.

The ARDC will establish partnerships with key stakeholders to facilitate collaboration and coordination within the People and Policy theme, with a particular focus on:

  • advancement of cultural change through policy and funding frameworks
  • skilled workforce planning for the sector
  • development of key communities of practice, including connections with international communities and initiatives.

Image: Webinars

Image: Skilled Workforce Summit 2019

Image: Library Carpentry