Data skills development strategies for a national research data commons.

To meet the challenges required for Australia to excel in the new digital economy, a focus on the social infrastructure for skills training is needed to realise a vibrant data commons. In order to create effective and sustainable digital infrastructure, social, organisational and cultural issues must be addressed, in addition to technical solutions.

Cultural change, workforce development programs and policy frameworks, supported by sustainable communities, together create an environment that support and capitalise on the key elements of an Australian research data commons.

What the ARDC Skills team does

The ARDC works in partnership with key stakeholders to facilitate collaboration and coordination within the People and Policy theme, with a particular focus on:

  • Skilled workforce planning for the sector
  • Facilitating development of key communities of practice, including connections with international communities and initiatives.
  • Contributing skills expertise to ARDC programs and services.

The ARDC Skills strategy

As a lead partner in digital research skills collaborations, we leverage our partners and training providers to guide key skills and workforce development initiatives in the ARDC’s focus areas. This coordinated approach involves the co-development of training infrastructure, encouraging shareable training materials, and motivating key communities to take leadership in this space.

Our 4 areas of focus are:

1.Creating national portal for digital research skills trainingWe collaborated with 11 other research institutions to create a national training portal, Digital Research Skills Australasia (DReSA), which launched on 8 October 2021. The portal helps Australian researchers, research support staff and trainers discover events, trainers, and development resources related to leading edge digital research technologies and techniques.
2.Developing national skills materialsWe are working with the digital research training community to improve national coordination of collaborative skills materials development. We leverage local and international networks in the digital research skills sector to provide opportunities for the discovery, development and delivery of digital research and data skills activities and materials.
3.Building communitiesWe lead, facilitate and guide the development of national skills communities that connect practitioners with international and local collaborations to enable the mutual transfer of knowledge and expertise.
4.Providing a national skills advantageWe are working with the digital research training community to map the skills landscape. Describing where the sector is placed in respect of skills and workforce development needs to provide the best mix of training solutions to Australian researchers. We draw on local and international networks to facilitate targeted and accessible pathways for researchers and research support professionals to attain digital research skills that provide our researchers with a skills advantage.

We coordinate a new partnership between 10 Australian research institutions to train instructors in The Carpentries digital research skills, a proven method for effectively teaching digital research skills to researchers. Learn more about the partnership.

Join digital research events and training

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Also visit Digital Research Skills Australasia (DReSA) to find the events, materials and training providers. You can also set up a saved search to be notified of relevant events.

ARDC Skills Summit

A key activity in our Skills program is the annual ARDC Digital Research Skills Summit. The ARDC Skills Summit brings together the digital research skills community to share best-practice and guide strategy, providing a necessary forum for skills communities to network, exchange knowledge, build skills, share new initiatives, celebrate success and work together on common challenges.

The ARDC Skills Summit was held on 13 October 2021, concurrently with the eResearch Australasia Conference, creating new and exciting collaboration opportunities within the research support community.

Sessions at the 2021 ARDC Skills Summit included:

  • Announcements on national initiatives such as the launch of the portal registry for digital research skills training in Australia
  • Reports on key activities and deliverables, and new directions for ARDC Skills Summit Working Groups
  • Community action sessions to identify and prioritise emerging challenges and opportunities for the national skills training community, to define and plan activities for the year ahead.

Who is the ARDC Skills Summit for?

The ARDC Skills Summit is for trainers, training program managers, researchers who train, organisation directors, policy makers, infrastructure managers and all those involved in digital infrastructure training programs at a local or national level.

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