FAIR Data Training Resources

There’s a wide range of free FAIR data training resources for researchers available online, run by various training providers around the world.

The ARDC also offers free training courses and training resources in FAIR data. They are designed for researchers, research data managers, data librarians and IT support staff.

Read on to explore our resources.

ARDC FAIR Data Training and Resources

FAIR Data 101 Training

The ARDC’s FAIR Data 101 Express training course is openly available for anyone seeking to develop their skills in enabling FAIR data in practice. Self-paced course materials include videos, Q&A sessions, activities and quizzes.
The course is aimed at individuals working with data, for example researchers, publishers, librarians, or in research support.
We encourage you to reuse or repurpose these materials via our GitHub repository.

FAIR Data Assessment Tool

The ARDC’s FAIR data self-assessment tool helps you check the ‘FAIRness’ of a dataset and illustrates how to enhance its FAIRness.
The tool is freely available for use in training or consultation.

Top 10 FAIR Data and Software Things training materials

We developed the Top 10 FAIR Data and Software Things as part of an online “Global Sprint”. Participants from around the world developed “Things”, which are stand-alone, self-paced training materials that can be used by research communities to understand FAIR in different research disciplines and contexts and also as starting points for conversations with partners around FAIR.

View and download the Top 10 FAIR Data and Software Things training materials.

The Top 10 FAIR Data and Software Things include:

  • Oceanography
  • Research Software
  • Research Libraries
  • Research Data Management Support
  • International Relations
  • Humanities – Historical Research
  • Geoscience
  • Biomedical Data Producers, Stewards, and Funders
  • Biodiversity
  • Australian Government Data/Collections
  • Archaeology

FAIR Data Webinar Recordings

The ARDC runs a range of webinars on FAIR data, including those for our FAIR Data 101 training course. The recordings of all webinars are made available on the FAIR data playlist on the ARDC YouTube channel.

FAIRsharing resource on data and metadata standards

FAIRsharing is a curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies, hosted at the University of Oxford.

FAIR Data Events and Communities of Practice

Subscribe to the ARDC Connect newsletter for upcoming events on FAIR data. And explore the many communities we facilitate.

ARDC Digital Research Skills Agenda

The ARDC Skills and Workforce Development team brings partners, lead agencies, peak bodies and other stakeholders together to create and implement a National Digital Research Skills Agenda.

Through our agenda, we have established Digital Research Skills Australasia (DReSA) and are:

  • developing national skills materials
  • building digital research skills communities
  • providing a national skills advantage.

Read more about how DReSA can help you upskill in FAIR data.

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