Digital Research Trainers and Providers: DReSA Needs You!

We invite digital research skills trainers and training providers to learn more about the DReSA portal.
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Every day, across Australia in classrooms, workshops and webinars, trainers share vital digital research skills with researchers.

Digital research skills encompass all the skills needed to use research data and software. Researchers need to collect, manage, analyse and manipulate data, and will often need software development and maintenance skills to do that. These skills enable researchers to answer questions that address the significant challenges facing the world today, from climate change, to pandemics, to radicalisation.

Yet our digital research skills training community is often disconnected, time-poor, siloed within research institutions, and unable to find best practice materials to provide in-demand digital skills training for researchers.

DReSA: A Discovery Portal for Digital Research Skills

The Digital Research Skills Australasia (DReSA) portal was created to help researchers and trainers discover digital research training events, materials, providers and trainers in Australia, New Zealand, and the region. It is free and open to all.

DReSA helps trainers and training providers to amplify their work so their training materials and events can be found on a national scale. DReSA also provides a central platform for trainers to share their expertise and collaborate with peers across research institutions with ease. It simplifies the resource-intensive process of developing and delivering training materials. Sharing this process across institutions will save time for trainers and maximise the return on investment of research dollars for institutions.

For researchers, it’s a place to discover training events, resources and providers to help them acquire the digital skills they need.

You’re Invited to Register Your Interest to Hear More

The DReSA team is inviting all digital research skills trainers and training providers to register their interest to learn more about DReSA and how to get started in an introductory webinar. To be notified of the webinar, please complete this form.

More About DReSA

DReSA is an exciting partnership between 13 Australian research organisations: the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Australian BioCommons, Australian Space Data Analysis Facility, CSIRO, Deakin University, Federation University, Intersect, Monash University, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), QCIF, University of Sydney, University of Queensland. It received co-investment from the Pawsey and the ARDC, both supported by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

At the ARDC, DReSA is a critical part of its National Digital Research Skills Agenda, providing skills uplift opportunities across the research community.

Find out more about DReSA, register your interest in an introductory webinar now.

Hear what the DReSA project team has to say about the portal — watch this short video: