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Discover the latest news, resources and upcoming events for earth and environmental science research in this update from Hamish Holewa, Director of the Planet Research Data Commons.
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Welcome to the first general update from the ARDC’s Planet Research Data Commons (Planet RDC).

I’d like to start by highlighting the recent co-design workshop for the Machine Observation Data Processing Infrastructure program. We brought over 50 people together from researchers, government, industry, NGOs and research infrastructure to co-design a new Planet Research Data Commons program to address machine observation data challenges. Focused initially on images, video and acoustics, through the workshop, we developed an infrastructure roadmap to advance research and support continental scale monitoring (download the workshop report). 

This roadmap provides a pathway forward to an integrated set of activities including national image and acoustics data storage and retention, national AI and ML capability to extract usable data at scale and address processing bottlenecks. 

Working together to tackle research data challenges, like those in machine observation, will substantially increase capability for the entire research ecosystem. We’re thrilled to be making these conversations to design leading-edge research infrastructure for Australia’s earth and environmental science researchers.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter, where we’ll announce a suite of new infrastructure projects that will form part of the Planet Research Data Commons. These projects will accelerate Australia research through: developing infrastructure that link research, government and industry; providing a suite of advanced and high-performance modelling tools, data and visualisation services and tools to link data from multiple sources and disciplines. 

About the Planet Research Data Commons (Planet RDC)

The Planet RDC is establishing national-scale data infrastructure for earth and environmental research and decision making. It will enable seamless access to data and digital infrastructure across multiple science domains, including biodiversity, biosecurity, cumulative impact, ecology, earth sciences, agriculture, biosecurity and climate adaptation to meet the current and emerging research needs.

Our 4 Focus Areas

We’ve started co-designing research infrastructure programs in line with our program strategy. Our webpage now features the 4 focus areas for the Planet RDC, with descriptions of programs we are developing.

The Planet RDC team is currently establishing partnerships to develop projects within our 4 focus areas: 

  1. Trusted Environmental Data and Information Supply Chains
  2. Integrated Fair Datasets and Services
  3. Planet Infrastructure (Networked Modelling, Analytics and Decision Support)
  4. Indigenous Data Governance and Skills.

Visit our webpage to view the 4 focus areas

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Kind regards,

Hamish Holewa
Director, Planet Research Data Commons


Workshop Addresses Wildlife Camera Trap, Ecoacoustic and Drone Data Challenges

A workshop gathered researchers, government, industry, NGOs and research infrastructure experts to co-design a new Planet Research Data Commons program to address machine observation data challenges. Read the article and download the workshop report.

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