Australian Sensitive Data Interest Group Meeting: NFF’s Farm Data Code and Food Agility’s Data Sharing Agreement

Learn about the Australian Farm Data Code, developed by the National Farmers' Federation, and the new data sharing agreement template from Food Agility CRC.
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About the Event

Gabi Ceregra presents an overview of the National Farmers’ Federation’s Australian Farm Data Code and how it sets the bar for the management of farmers’ data by service providers and researchers. Plus, hear an introduction to the complementary Food Agility’s Data Sharing Agreement Template, designed for research projects seeking data from farmers. These new tools were developed through the ARDC’s Food Security Data Challenges program.

Download the Australian Farm Data Code.

Learn more about Food Agility’s Data Sharing Agreement.


A recording of this event is now available:


Gabi Ceregra is the Data Policy Manager at the National Farmers’ Federation and Food Agility CRC. Specialising in data governance, Gabi brings a wealth of experience in managing data across health, financial services, and agriculture.

With a track record of successfully delivering small and large-scale data projects, Gabi has led operational data governance teams and developed policies and standards dictating how data is handled within projects and organisations.

Gabi’s recent work in agriculture data governance includes the Australian Farm Data Code and certification, the formulation of best practice Data Sharing Agreements, and the establishment of Australian Agricultural Traceability data standards.

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7 February 2024


11 am to 12 noon (AEST)





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