Bushfire Research Data Management Plans

Data management framework development and data catalogue (metadata exchange) implementation for natural hazard research
Xanthorrhoea grass trees resprouting after a bushfire - ash on the forest floor, black grass tree stumps with green grass spouting from their tops.
Xanthorrhoea grass trees resprouting after a bushfire. Image: Adobe Stock/markrhiggins
Who will benefit
Natural hazards researchers, for whom a metadata catalogue and governance framework for NHRA-funded projects have been developed

The Challenge

Bushfire data outputs are a critical national data asset to support future research. This project set out to develop a governance framework and standardised metadata for inclusion in a metadata catalogue. The goal was to facilitate collaboration, accelerate discoveries and ensure the integrity and accessibility of such valuable research information.

The Approach

This project developed and implemented a trusted and harmonised research data management framework and data catalogue for natural hazards research. While developed initially for internal NHRA use, the outputs will be made openly available to the research community at large.

The Outcomes

A pilot data catalogue for natural hazard research is now available. The catalogue will continue to be populated. Access the catalogue.

Overall, this project has: 

  • enhanced data discoverability and accessibility
  • improved data interoperability and integration
  • strengthened collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • adherence to best practices and ethical guidelines
  • empowered decision-making and policy development.

Learn more about this project’s outcomes.

Who Will Benefit

Natural hazards researchers, policy makers, emergency responders and other stakeholders will benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows them to search and explore the datasets. Research efficiency and evidence-based decision making will improve.

Learn more about this project from Claire Fisk, Project Manager and Data Scientist at FrontierSI for NHRA, in her recorded presentation (DC007).

The Partner

  • Natural Hazards Research Australia (NHRA)

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