The aim of the OzBarley project is to develop a publicly available Genotype-to-Phenotype (G2P) data asset meeting FAIR principles that is specifically designed by, and for, Australian researchers and breeders focusing on barley as an economically important model crop.

Modern cereal breeding and crop improvement rely on genotypic and phenotypic data to identify important genetic regions that drive crop performance such as high yield, salinity, drought or heat tolerance.  The OzBarley G2P data asset will provide the basis for the discovery of important genes and will reduce the barrier to entry for future barley funding applications.

1 Data Strategy
Audit of existing datasets to understand data formats, metadata standards, existing ontologies, annotations, and assessment of datasets against the FAIR principles.
2 Data Wrangling
Quality control and curation of individual datasets focussing on interoperability.
3 Data Harmonisation
Development of a G2P Data Model to create formal linkage between genomic and phenomic data.
4 Data Asset Access
Delivery of enhanced combined data assets that are findable and accessible.

Core features

Public/private collaboration to ensure open and integrated data access to academic and industry users alike, and a foundation for researchers to grow the data asset in the future.
Integrated genotypic and/ or phenotypic data
Providing FAIR data standards for phenotypic data sets in future projects maximising value from the complementary G2P data asset and ensuring community uptake.

Who is this project for?

  • Researchers and research organisations
  • Plant breeders
  • The Australian grains (barley) industry
  • Data managers and analysts

What does this project enable?

OzBarley will create a G2P data asset for the assessment of crop genomes, and the corresponding variability in trait expression with relation to the environment. This will allow researchers, breeders, bioinformaticians and machine learning experts to jointly work towards extracting maximum value from the data to support crop improvement.

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