Introducing Machine Learning eResearch Platform (MLeRP)

Join us for an introduction to the new national Machine Learning eResearch Platform (MLeRP) for efficiently allocating compute resources.
Three colorful GPUs with their packaging cleanly removed laying on a white surface
Fritzchens Fritz / Better Images of AI / GPU shot etched 2 / CC-BY 4.0

About the Event

For graphics processing units (GPUs) to be allocated more efficiently for Australian researchers using machine learning (ML), Monash University has launched the Machine Learning eResearch Platform (MLeRP) as part of the ARDC’s National Machine Learning Service project. MLeRP creates a middle ground with the interactivity of a notebook and the power of a high-performance computing (HPC) environment, where researchers can develop and debug their algorithms while processing their dataset and share valuable compute resources with other users when their code is not being executed.

The open Beta version of MLeRP was launched on 7 November 2023. At this webinar, the Monash team will give a quick introduction to the platform, a summary of its offerings, and a demonstration You’ll find out what makes MLeRP different from other HPC platforms and how best to take advantage of its powerful NVIDIA A100 hardware. There will also be a short session where future events and participation can be discussed.


A recording of this event is now available:

Next Steps

This webinar is organised by the Machine Learning Community of Practice for Australia (ML4AU CoP) and Monash University. To learn about the CoP and participate in future activities of the group, visit ML4AU’s website.

As another component of the National Machine Learning Service project, The University of Queensland and QCIF are developing training materials for researchers for easy adoption of deep learning. Stay tuned by subscribing to the ARDC Connect newsletter.

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28 November 2023


3 to 4 pm (AEDT)





Run by

ML4AU CoP, Monash University