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Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-Research and Open Science (AIMOS) 2023 Conference

Join the ARDC at the 2023 AIMOS Conference.
AIMOS conference 2023 21-23 November 2023 QUT Gardens Point, Brisbane bit.ly/aimos2023 Reigstrations open

About the Event

AIMOS 2023 is the fifth annual conference for the Association for Interdisciplinary Metaresearch and Open Science.

The purpose of AIMOS is to make the research process more trustworthy and efficient, and to promote the study of how research is done and how it can be improved. The annual conference is an important collaborative space that advances this purpose.

AIMOS 2023 will bring together researchers from multiple scientific disciplines to talk about how research is done and how it can be done better.

ARDC at AIMOS 2023

ARDC staff are presenting at AIMOS 2023 in the following sessions:

  • Time: 5 pm (AEDT), Tuesday 21 November
  • Speakers: Dr Tom Honeyman (ARDC), Dr Nichola Burton (ARDC)

The ARDC is working to identify the needs of researchers to build national digital research infrastructure solutions using a process of co-design, centring on the lived experience of Researchers. As a key voice in co-design, we are interested in the unique insights of meta-researchers in understanding both their own challenges and practices as well as those of their peers.

The ARDC is a national digital research infrastructure facility funded by the Australian Government. We partner with the research community and industry to build leading-edge digital infrastructure to support the needs of Australian researchers.

We are embarking on a new model for developing infrastructure, working through co-design to meet the needs of researchers within particular thematic areas of research-what we call the Thematic Research Data Commons. Three themes are being developed: health and medical research, earth and environmental science, humanities, arts, social sciences and Indigenous research.

In this discussion session, we would like to begin to draw out what perspective meta-researchers and open science advocates could bring to the development of Thematic Research Data Commons. We will surface the needs and challenges that you see in research across the three themes, and invite you on a journey to contribute to future co-design with the ARDC.

  • Time: 3 pm (AEDT), Wednesday 22 November
  • Speakers: Anna Lene Seidler (Chair), Jonathan Williams, Aidan Tan, Dr Kristan Kang (ARDC)

Data sharing is a core element of the Open Science movement and adds tremendous value to existing data. Yet, structured guidance around the different use-case of secondary data use, their advantages, but also risks and limitations is currently lacking.

The Health Studies Australian National Data Asset (HeSANDA) program by the ARDC has recently launched national infrastructure platform to allow researchers to access and share data from health studies. The ARDC now seeks to engage with researchers to define and communicate the scientific value and use cases of secondary research using clinical trials data to ensure value of this asset. As part of these activities, this discussion group aims to explore the development of a theoretical framework for the kinds of secondary research to be undertaken with clinical trials data shared on HeSANDA platform. Participants will be guided through a series of questions and scenarios, including advantages and risks/limitations of different use cases for secondary research. This will assist developments of user guides on the HeSANDA platform. Ultimately, this work will inform a roadmap for developing a health research data community whose research could be supported using HeSANDA infrastructure. Participants will have opportunities for recognised further input.

  • Time: 12 noon (AEDT), Thursday 23 November
  • Speakers and topics:
    • Kyle A Sheldrick, “Are meta-analyses and guidelines based on summary data alone inherently unreliable?”
    • Aidan Tan, “Analysis of data sharing policies, barriers and facilitators across the research life cycle”
    • Kristan Kang (ARDC), “Setting up data sharing infrastructure in Australia”
    • Tom Hardwicke, “Open science across disciplines’

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21 November 2023 - 23 November 2023


11 am to 5 pm (AEDT)




QUT, Brisbane/Meanjin and online

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Online: free / In-person: A$80 / Concession: A$40