2023 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Award Ceremony

The inaugural ARDC Eureka Prize for Excellence in Research Software will be presented at the 2023 Eureka Prizes Award Ceremony – join the live broadcast event online.
ARDC sponsored Eureka Prize

About the Event

The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are the country’s most comprehensive national science awards, recognising the achievements of scientists, researchers, and science communicators at all career stages. This year’s recipients will be announced during a live, broadcast event – and you’re invited to attend!

This year, the ARDC is sponsoring the inaugural ARDC Eureka Prize for Excellence in Research Software.

The new Eureka Prize, co-designed by the Australian Museum and the ARDC, recognises and celebrates those who develop and maintain software in Australia that underpins research and scientific discovery.

Join us online for a special evening to celebrate some of Australia’s brightest minds, whose contributions span the areas of research and innovation, leadership, science engagement and school science. With a dedicated segment for each of the 18 prizes, you can expect a variety of presenters, live winner reactions and insights into each achievement.

Hosts and Speakers

Your hosts for the evening will be Bernie Hobbs and Rae Johnston, who will be joined by presenters from some of the country’s leading scientific institutions, government organisations and universities.

Our CEO, Rosie Hicks, will present the ARDC Eureka Prize for Excellence in Research Software to the winner at the ceremony, so tune in!