Through the Cross-NCRIS Data Assets program, the ARDC partners with groups of National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) facilities to establish cross-NCRIS national-scale data assets to support leading edge research.

These partnerships will add value by aggregating, harmonising and integrating data across national facilities. This cross-NCRIS focused program is one of six programs in the National Data Assets initiative.

Projects from this program will include at least two NCRIS facilities as project partners and data from at least two NCRIS facilities.

Examples of these cross-NCRIS data assets might include:

  • cross-NCRIS common variables to enable integrated data delivery
  • complementary data types brought together (e.g. genomic, environmental, and phenomic)
  • a standardised large scale distributed data asset across facilities.

The new cross-NCRIS data assets should support new research programs, insights or efficiencies, meet community standards and have impactful applications (e.g. environmental, social, or economic).
A call for project proposals will take place in the second quarter of 2020, and projects are expected to be confirmed in the third quarter. The decision process will include a facilitation phase to ensure a consensus direction among NCRIS clusters. Projects need to be completed within two years, and each project can apply for an ARDC investment up to $400k. The project size will be at least double this, due to requirement for 1:1 co-investment.

ARDC seeks co-design input into this initiative from NCRIS facilities and potential beneficiaries of cross-NCRIS data assets so that research outcomes and broader impact are considered and made explicit at every stage.

View all the successful projects under this program at a glance, learn about the Open Call 2020 and read the full program description [PDF, 219KB].

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