Partnering for Success: ARDC Impact Booklet 2023

We’re unlocking the potential of data to solve the biggest challenges of society – find out how in our 2023 impact booklet.
Two copies of the 2023 A R D C impact booklet, one open and one closed

At the ARDC, we drive development of world-class national digital research infrastructure that gives Australian researchers competitive advantage through data and supports research impact.

In our 2023 impact booklet, we share how we partner with research, industry and government to unlock the potential of data for research. Learn more about our programs, impact case studies and future direction by downloading Partnering for Success.


  • A Message from Our Chair
  • A Message from Our CEO
  • About the ARDC
  • Partnering for Success with Thematic Research Data Commons
    • People Research Data Commons
    • Planet Research Data Commons
    • HASS and Indigenous Research Data Commons
  • Translational Research Data Challenges
  • Building on Partnership Success
    • Co-Investment Partnerships
    • Research Software
    • Data Retention
    • Digital Research Skills
    • Communities of Practice
    • Engagements, Expertise & Support
    • Our Input to Policy
  • Our Services
    • ARDC Nectar Research Cloud
    • ARDC Research Data Australia
    • ARDC Research Vocabularies Australia
    • Resources for Researchers
  • Acknowledgements
  • Governance

Read these case studies in our 2023 impact booklet:

Health and medical research

  • Unlocking the Potential of Clinical Trial Data
  • Secure Data Analytics Platform, ERICA, Brings Better Health Outcomes
  • Transforming Clinical Image Management and Analysis
  • Blood Transfusions and Patient Outcomes: A New National Dataset

Earth and environmental science research

  • Plant Trait Data Guides Australia’s Bushfire Recovery
  • Unlocking Australia’s Restricted Access Species Data
  • Finding Fast Answers to Urgent Ecological Questions
  • Streamlined Data for National Environmental Reporting
  • Reducing Deaths from Air Pollution

HASS and Indigenous research

  • Empowering HASS and Indigenous Researchers with Essential Computational Skills
  • Introducing the ARDC’s First Indigenous Intern, Ms Lisa Rigney
  • Telling Human Stories with Time-Layered Cultural Maps
  • Tweets Illuminate the Impact of COVID-19 on Society
  • Minding Our Language Data

Published in June 2023. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8015861

Suggested citation: ARDC Ltd. Partnering for Success. 2023. Zenodo.

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