Our Impact

Learn how we are helping Australian researchers solve society’s greatest challenges through targeted data solutions.
Our Impact

We collaborate with our partners on projects that are collectively delivering a world-leading research data commons. We support research disciplines to access nationally significant, data-intensive infrastructure, platforms, skills and collections to maximise research quality and impact.

Explore our impact through case studies that highlight how our strategic activities help researchers maximise their impact.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is delivered through 4 portfolios that together support the development of a national research data commons:

People and Policy

Connecting the ARDC to researchers, research institutions, industry and government to enhance knowledge exchange and drive an effective national data skills ecosystem.

Platforms and Software

Supporting an increase in high-quality, high-impact research through digital platforms and better research software practices.

Data and Services

Providing competitive advantage to Australian researchers by improving the discoverability, accessibility and usability of Australia’s research data assets.

Storage and Compute

Supporting Australia’s data and research advantage through the provision of reliable and sustainable underpinning infrastructures.

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