Data Retention Project Phase 4 Launched

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Data Retention abstractThe ARDC has launched Phase 4 of the Data Retention Project, which will provide a subsidy to universities and NCRIS facilities to purchase data storage capacity or other operational overheads.

The Data Retention Project supports the retention of research data collections of national significance with a coherent and consistent international metadata standard. Phase 4 will provide co-investment for existing research projects to support anticipated or existing research data collections.

Research data takes considerable time and effort to collect and curate, and can be used again to answer new research questions. However, to get the most value from data collections, they need to be stored with metadata that enables reuse, and be easy to find. The most accurate metadata is collected during project activity that creates research data.

The volume of research data continues to grow while the cost of data storage capacity is flat. As data storage can be expensive and long-lasting, investment into it needs to be planned carefully. The options to store data are also more diverse than ever: it can be done locally, in regional data centres or in distributed cloud environments.

Dr Max Wilkinson, Research Data Infrastructure Architect and Program Manager for the Data Retention Project, said, “This is the final phase of the ARDC Data Retention Project, and an excellent opportunity to inform and guide a future focussed investment mechanism for a realistic and sustainable national data infrastructure.”

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We are now calling for applications for Phase 4 of the Data Retention Project from those who manage research data storage needs at universities and NCRIS facilities. Universities and NCRIS facilities can apply for co-investment for research data storage infrastructure costs calculated at $100 per TB from a register of all eligible projects. Eligible projects will be required to fulfil all 8 metadata requirements at application. There are examples in the project documentation, provided on the Phase 4 Data Retention Project page.

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All documentation for the project applications is available on the Phase 4 Data Retention project page. Applications will close on 4 November 2022.

We kindly ask you to forward this opportunity to those responsible for large scale research data storage facilities at your institution.

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The ARDC is funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) to support national digital research infrastructure for Australian researchers.

Written by Jo Savill, ARDC. Reviewed by Dr Max Wilkinson, Carmel Walsh, ARDC.

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