TechTalk 22: What the Graph? Knowledge and Property Graphs Compared

Join our next Tech Talk to learn about NoSQL, graphs, knowledge graphs and labelled property graphs.
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About the Event

In this Tech Talk, Dr Nicholas Car will provide a summary of NoSQL and explain the concepts of graphs, knowledge graphs and labelled property graphs. He will describe their design motivations and strengths and weaknesses. Example technologies that implement various forms of graph will be covered, including GraphDB, AllegroGraph, Neo4J, ArcGIS Pro Knowledge, and Apache Jena Fuseki. The talk will be concluded with some lessons learned from working in this space, and provide some essential advice for those looking to explore property graphs and knowledge graphs.


Nicholas is a data standards and Semantic Web specialist at Kurrawong AI. He is also an Adjunct staff member at the ANU, where he delivers a few data science lectures each year. He worked as a researcher at CSIRO for almost 15 years as well as a Data Architect at Geoscience Australia, managing some of their data holdings and aiming at multi-system interoperability. He contributes to W3C and OGC standards and currently co-chairs the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group.

Who Should Attend

  • Research software engineers
  • Academics
  • Coders
  • Other interested parties

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Recording and Slides

A recording and slides from this event are now available.


24 August 2023


2 to 3 pm (AEST)





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