Bringing FAIR Research Data Management to Researchers At Scale

Learn to use FAIR-by-design approaches to scale the uplift of FAIR research data management practices in research.
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About the Event

Join this webinar to hear from 2 experts about resources for scaling the implementation of FAIR research data management (RDM) for researchers.

Dr Katharina F. Heil is the Programme Manager, Communities and Training for ELIXIR, the European life sciences infrastructure that brings together scientists from 23 countries and over 250 research institutes. Katharina’s work ensures alignment of ELIXIR Communities and Platforms, allowing ELIXIR, an intergovernmental organisation and Europe’s Research Infrastructure for life sciences, to successfully bring together life science resources across Europe. The main aim is service and resource coordination to form a single infrastructure, supporting the mission of Open Life Science, following the FAIR principles.

In this webinar, Katharina will be joined by Dr Frederik Coppens, Head of VIB Data Core and Head of Node, ELIXIR Belgium. His team provides research infrastructure services to enable FAIR data management and data analysis. Frederik co-leads the RDMkit in ELIXIR and the ELIXIR Galaxy Community. The approach taken is known as “FAIR-by-design”, providing platforms and interfaces that help researchers to publish data according to the best practices, embedded in the ELIXIR RDM ecosystem.


Join us online where Katharina and Frederik will provide a deep dive into ELIXIR’s FAIR RDM ecosystem, focussing on the following 3 resources:


ELIXIR RDMkit is a toolkit for the life sciences community that includes training materials, standards and databases to guide data management planning and teach FAIR data practices. It is based on the various steps of the data lifecycle, and its primary focus is to provide guidance on the RDM support landscape.

FAIR Cookbook

FAIR Cookbook is an open, live resource for the life sciences with recipes that cover the operation steps of FAIR data management. As a web resource that includes a collection of recipes on the FAIR components, the infrastructure needed, and a set of applied examples in the Life Sciences, it offers a view into the technical aspects of FAIR data management. The primary objective of the FAIR Cookbook is to develop and disseminate guidance and processes needed to make and keep data FAIR in the life sciences.

Data Stewardship Wizard

Data Stewardship Wizard is a publicly available open-source tool to collaboratively compose data management plans through smart and customisable questionnaires with FAIRness evaluation. It helps to create, plan, collaborate and bring data management plans to life as a tool trusted by thousands of people worldwide, ranging from data management pioneers to international research institutes. The core focus is on tactical coordination allowing the implementation of data quality metrics and other requirements ensuring good data management with the ultimate goal of providing high-quality data that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.

Even though these resources are life-sciences-focused, the principles and practices exemplified can be applied and implemented in other research domains.

The presentation will be followed by an opportunity to ask Katharina and Frederik questions and discuss the topic with other attendees.


  • Dr Katharina F Heil is ELIXIR’s Programme Manager, Communities and Training and past president of the Erasmus Mundus Association. She has operational and strategic oversight of ELIXIR’s Communities, bringing together European experts to develop standards, services and training within specific life science domains. Additionally, Katharina coordinates ELIXIR Training Platform activities to strengthen and grow bioinformatics training capacity and competence across Europe. She received a joint PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland/UK and KTH in Sweden in 2017.
  • Dr Frederik Coppens is Head of the VIB Data Core, a new Core facility in the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB). Founded in 2023, it will provide hardware, software and data-related services to all VIB Centers and Cores for both non-sensitive and sensitive data. Frederik is also Head of Node of ELIXIR Belgium. The multidisciplinary team focusses on developing infrastructure services for data management and analysis. This encompasses the adoption, development and implementation of standards for interoperability of data, metadata, and technologies.

Who Should Attend

This event is for people interested in best practices in RDM and how to implement the FAIR principles for research outputs.

What You Will Gain

Attendees will achieve a greater understanding of some of the tools and resources available that have been designed and developed to guide researchers in the practical application of FAIR RDM.


A recording of the event is now available:

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