Services on the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud

Australia’s national research cloud, the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud, provides cloud computing services and tools to Australian researchers.

There are over 200 digital services hosted on the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud, including national infrastructure facilities, databases, data repositories, large-scale research platforms and virtual research environments.

The services hosted on Nectar cover most fields of research, from earth sciences to education, and while most are designed for use by researchers, some are also aimed at policy makers, private industry, citizen scientists, students and decision makers.

The table below shows a selection of research platforms that have some or all of their services hosted on Nectar, and can be searched for by topic, field of research and audience.


ServiceField of researchAudienceType
Atlas of Living Australia - Australia’s national biodiversity data infrastructureEnvironmental sciences; Biological sciencesResearchers, students, government, land managers, citizen scientistsNCRIS capability
Auscope - Australia’s home of geoscience data and toolsEarth sciencesGeophysics resesarchers and practitionersNCRIS capability
Australian Urban Research Information Network - provides national-scale data assets to support urban, regional and social science researchersBuilt environment and designResearchers, government, industryNCRIS capability
Integrated Marine Observation System - operates coast and ocean observing equipment creating marine and climate dataEnvironmental sciencesResearchers, industryNCRIS capability
Microscopy Australia - provides over 240 microscopes at nine facilities around the country for Australian researchers and industryBiological sciencesResearchers, industryNCRIS capability
National Imaging Facility (NIF) - provides state-of-the-art imaging capabilitiesBiological Sciences; Earth Sciences; Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences; Medical and Health SciencesResearchers, industryNCRIS capability
Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN) - Australia’s Land Ecosystem ObservatoryEnvironmental sciencesResearchers, government, industryNCRIS capability
Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL) - biodiversity and climate impact modelling platformEnvironmental sciencesResearchers, Local Government Authorities, Natural Resource Management groups, studentsplatform / virtual lab
Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) - connects instruments, researchers and the Australian research cloudMedical and Health Sciences; Biological Sciences; Physical Sciences; Chemical SciencesResearchersplatform / virtual lab
Ecocloud - cloud based computing tailored to ecological data and researchersEnvironmental sciencesResearchersplatform / virtual lab
Galaxy Australia - open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical researchMedical and Health SciencesBiomedical researchersplatform / virtual lab
Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HUNI) - an Australian humanities and creative arts databaseLanguage, Communication and Culture; Studies in Creative Arts and WritingResearchers, citizen scientistsplatform / virtual lab
Marine Virtual Laboratory (MARVL) - ocean general circulation or wave modelling via a simple interfaceBiological sciences; Environmental sciencesMarine Managers
University educators
platform / virtual lab
Stemformatics - quickly find and visualise interesting genes in exemplar stem cell datasetsMedical and Health Sciences; Biological Sciences;Researchersplatform / virtual lab
Australian Government Linked Data Working Group (AGLDWG) website - meeting the Linked Data challenges facing the Australian governmentInformation and Computing SciencesGovernmentwebsite
Automated Topology Builder and Repository - molecular interaction parameters for computational drug designChemical SciencesResearchersrepository
Global Archive - online repository of marine and freshwater fauna imagery dataBiological sciences; Environmental sciencesResearchersarchive
PARADISEC - Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered CulturesIndigenous studies; Language, Communication and CultureResearchers, citizen scientistsarchive
Benthamania - genome and transcriptome assemblies for the model plant Nicotiana benthamianaBiological Sciences; Agricultural and Veterinary sciencesResearchersrepository
Calypso - analysis of taxonomic information from metagenomic datasetsBiological Sciences;Researcherssoftware
Cinema and Audiences Research Project - database of film-related eventsLanguage, Communication and CultureResearchers, citizen scientistsdatabase
Climdex - indices observed or modelled climate extremesEarth sciencesResearchersdatabase
Degust - RNA-seq exploration, analysis and visualisationMedical and Health SciencesResearchersanalysis and visualisation
Digital Archive of Queensland Architecture - thousands of audiovisual and textual files that allow you to explore relationships between people, projects and firms.Built environment and designResearchers, citizen scientistsarchive
Ecosounds - repository of environmental acoustic recordingsEnvironmental sciencesResearchersrepository
Fruitmaps - fruit maturity map for harvesting decisionsAgricultural and Veterinary sciencesFruit growersdecision-making tool
Global Policing Database - evaluations of policing interventionsStudies in Human SocietyPolicy makers, researchers, practitionersdatabase
iFeature - calculating structural feature descriptors from protein and peptide sequencesMedical and Health SciencesResearcherspython toolkit and web server
Mindfields - helping school students develop skills for social and emotional wellbeingEducationHigh school students, teachers, educatorsresources
Scorcher - historical Australian heatwave dataEarth sciencesResearchers, citizen scientists, studentsdatabase and visualisation
Terra Nova - The Australian Climate Change Adaptation Information HubEnvironmental sciencesResearchers, decision makersplatform / virtual lab
Threatened Species Index - population trends of Australia’s threatened speciesEnvironmental sciencesPolicy makers, conservation managers, students, citizen scientistsdatabase and visualisation

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