Data Custodians require a robust, accredited, regulated and functional environment for the governance, control and management of sensitive data, and Research Users seek simple and secure access to sensitive data and associated tools.

The “Scalable Governance, Control and Management of FAIR Sensitive Research Data” project is a national collaboration to deliver a secure, trusted and scalable environment for data governance, control and management services for data custodians and secure remote data analysis environments for research users.

Such an environment is needed to overcome significant barriers to making sensitive data FAIR, providing assurances to other data custodians regarding confidential and secure data handling, and ensuring researchers comply with ethical and regulatory requirements.

The project will deploy and manage a proven technology called the Secure eResearch Platform (SeRP) Software Stack as a managed, nationally consistent service. The SeRP service will build trust between data custodians, researchers & their collaborators and enable data curation, linkage, extraction, sharing with access control, de-identification and analysis.

Start date 12 March 2021
Expected completion date 30 June 2023
Investment by ARDC $953,666
Lead node
1 SeRP service
Deploy and manage a tested and proven technology called SeRP as a nationally consistent service via deployments and multi-tenancy arrangements to enable research collaborations across jurisdictional boundaries.
2 Exemplar research projects
Onboard exemplar research projects on the SeRP service and integrate SeRP across specific research applications across the social sciences and health research domains involving population health, policy development, complex biology and development of therapeutics.
3 Communities of Practice
Communities of Practice around SeRP will enable training, knowledge sharing, development and dissemination of best practices and principles. The membership of these groups is a combination of representative and skills-based members to ensure stakeholder buy-in, and expertise. The project will enable both institutional and national cross-jurisdictional research projects that bring together national and global sensitive data assets and collaborations.
4 Project pipeline
The project will create a pipeline of projects across project partners (and their partners) that will be on-boarded onto the platform, under the current project and into the future including law and criminal justice, energy and environment, and mining research.

Core features

Secure analysis environment
SeRP provides a secure online data analysis environment, making it easy for research users to comply with ethical and regulatory requirements for using sensitive data.
Trusted service
Built-in data governance processes provide assurance to data custodians, which increases confidence in sharing data for research.
Enabling cross-jurisdictional research projects that bring together national and global data assets and collaborations.

Who is this project for?

  • Researchers dealing with sensitive data
  • Research organisations
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Government (state and commonwealth)
  • Health services

What does this project enable?

The SeRP service will lower barriers to making sensitive data FAIR by coalescing technology, processes & controls to build trust between data custodians, researchers & their collaborators.

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