Research Software Rights Management Guide

The Research Software Rights Management Guide addresses the types of open source licences and other considerations you (as a researcher) should have in deciding which licence to adopt for sharing.


  • Introduction
    • Background
    • Permissive Licences
    • Copyleft Licences
  • Considerations when selecting a licence
    • What licences are incorporated into my software?
    • Are there implications for where I host my software?
    • Do I want derivatives, additions and distributions to use the same licence?
    • Can others use my software in their proprietary software?
  • Recommended licences
    • Ab initio development and permissive licences
    • Copyleft Licences and Incompatibility
    • Further Reading and Resources on Licensing
    • Popular Open-Source Licences
  • Comments on Workflows, Techniques and Algorithms
    • Workflows
    • Algorithms and Techniques
  • Acknowledgements

Last updated

14 May 2022



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