Trove Enhancements

Enhancing Trove, an aggregation and shared repository of cultural collections, for HASS researchers
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The Challenge

Trove is an online platform owned and run by the National Library of Australia. It’s used by more than 30,000 people every day, including members of the humanities, arts and social science (HASS) research community, to access, create and analyse Australia’s cultural data.

Trove is an aggregation and shared repository of cultural collections from more than 900 gallery, library, archive and museum (GLAM) partners, including 41 million pages of digitised collection material. Its content is fully searchable, opening new research questions for Australian HASS researchers to explore.

The Response

Our project, Trove Enhancements, has improved the Trove pages for researchers and updated the public Trove API to provide better support for Australian HASS researchers.

The Outcomes

The project was completed in September 2023 and delivered a number of improvements to Trove in the following areas: 

Trove users can now:

Who Will Benefit

The enhanced Trove gives HASS researchers in Australia a competitive advantage through data.

The Partner

  • National Library of Australia

Further Resources

  • The Trove Researcher Consultation Report, written by the independent advisor Joanne Tompkins, was released following consultation with the research community about Trove and how they use it. Read the report.