TechTalk 25: Clean Air Research Data and Analysis Technology – A Data Platform

Learn about the CARDAT platform, which has been developed with NHMRC and ARDC support for sharing environmental and health data and analyses.
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About the Event

Reliable data and decision support systems are critical for evidence-based environmental health surveillance and action in response to the climate change crisis. Efforts to acquire and harmonise environmental and health data to assess impacts of the range of environmental change are often inefficient. Analytic tools such as health impact assessment, burden of disease analysis, cost-benefit analysis and economic-energy models are often difficult to link and interpret.

With support from NHMRC and the ARDC, the Clean Air Research Data and Analysis Technology (CARDAT) platform has been developed for sharing:

  • data, i.e. health records and environmental exposures
  • analyses, i.e. code and models.

This seminar will describe the design and implementation of the range of solutions used to address the issues posed, and how the FAIR criteria have been applied to share health and environmental data and analysis, all the while safeguarding confidentiality.

The recent Integrated National Air Pollution and Health Data project under the ARDC’s Public Sector Bridges Program demonstrates CARDAT’s utility by building collaborative links between key existing resources at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the NHMRC Centre for Safe Air’s air pollution modelling.  Research data infrastructure such as CARDAT are urgently needed to enable integrated assessment of health impacts, costs and benefits of adaptation and mitigation interventions in climate change.


  • Dr Ivan Hanigan, Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Climate Change and Health Impact Assessment, Faculty of Health Science and Senior Lecturer in Climate Change and Health, School of Population Health, Curtin University

Who Should Attend

  • Research software engineers
  • Academics
  • Coders
  • Other interested parties

Recording and Slides

A recording and slides from this event are now available.

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