A brain imaging database of rare and endangered Australian mammals.

This project will implement the concept of a comprehensive national brain and skull image database of extant and extinct Australian native mammals and birds. Eventually this national e-Research collection is expected to include high quality data of brains from most of Australia’s unique fauna and will allow data-mining for qualitative and quantitative comparisons across multiple species and exemplars.

Start date 3 June 2019
Expected completion date 21 October 2019
Investment by ARDC $49,999
Lead node
1 Metadata framework
Implementation of a metadata framework for the specific needs of volumetric brain in animal specimens.
2 Database
Implementation of a database for brains and skulls of a sub-collection of Australian endemic species.
3 Specification document for metadata
Specification document for metadata to describe imaging data of animal brain and skull specimens, specifically data descriptors for complex MRI datasets.
4 POC database
Extensible POC database with fully curated and metadata furnished MRI and CT data of brain and skull specimens from rare and endangered Australian animals.
5 Completion of project
Project outcomes will be presented at an ARDC Data and Services Summit in October 2019.

Core features

Establishment of a metadata framework
Establishment of a metadata framework to fully describe complex MRI and CT datasets from brain specimens.
Metadata database
Implementation of a database for metadata furnished brain and skull image volumes of adult and developing Australian marsupials and monotremes.

Who is this project for?

  • Neuroscience researchers
  • Museum and conservation societies

What does this project enable?

  • Digital preservation and discovery of animal tissues
  • Support comparative brain studies from the neuroscience community
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