The Garvan Institute of Medical Research Becomes a Member of the ARDC

We are thrilled to welcome our new member, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.
Garvan Institute of Medical Research

The ARDC is excited to welcome the Garvan Institute of Medical Research as a new member.

The Garvan Institute is one of Australia’s premier medical research institutes, and an international leader in medical genomics, epigenetics and cellular genomics; cancer; diseases of immunity and inflammation; and diseases of ageing affecting bone, brain and metabolism.

As Australia’s national digital research infrastructure provider, the ARDC works with our members to strengthen the digital research capability of Australia’s researchers through better access to more digital research, resources, training and events.

Associate Professor Sarah Kummerfeld, Director of Data Science at the Garvan Institute said “Medical research has become a big data science: we generate vast volumes of data through routine experiments and this data makes new discoveries possible every day, accelerating our impact. We are pleased to be working with ARDC to ensure the data we generate is stored, organised and shared safely, maximising value to Australian researchers.”

Rosie Hicks, CEO of the ARDC said, “We’re thrilled to have the Garvan Institute join as our first medical research institute member. It is a privilege to have the Garvan Institute joining us on our journey towards creating a suite of Thematic Research Data Commons, including one focused on health and medical research.”

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