Digital skills training in ecology and bioinformatics – webinar video

Webinar: Digital skills training in ecology and bioinformatics
Recorded 19 November 2019

A reprise of two sessions from the Australian eResearch Skilled Workforce Summit that took place in July 2019 at the University of Sydney.

ecoEd: innovation in training, outreach and engagement leveraging Australia’s EcoScience infrastructures

Chantal Huijbers, Training and Engagement Manager, Griffith University

One of the most important aspects of enabling easy access to data and analytical tools is providing relevant training and support to ensure sensible use of this data and appropriate evaluation of research outcomes. Within the EcoSciences domain, a suite of digital infrastructures such as the Atlas of Living Australia, the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network and the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory have been developed to enhance our understanding of the natural world and making forward projections into novel conditions. To provide users with a holistic approach to environmental spatial data discovery and analysis, these infrastructures have joined forces to deliver an exciting and innovative training program called ecoEd.

Hybrid Training: a new model of bioinformatics training delivery

Dr Christina Hall, Training Coordinator, EMBL-ABR & Australian Bioinformatics Commons

The urgent need for improving the digital and bioinformatics skills of biologists is not a new challenge, nor is it a uniquely Australian problem. The growing demand for training in a wide range of specialist topics lends itself to a collaborative and coordinated approach to reaching dispersed and sometimes isolated Australian researchers.

EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR) is a geographically distributed network of organisations undertaking bioinformatics support around Australia. To service widely dispersed researchers with urgent needs for bioinformatics skills we developed a novel training delivery methodology. Multiple simultaneous training events combined an expert Lead Trainer delivering a presentation online with a hands-on interactive practical session supported by trained local Facilitators. The ‘hybrid training model’ combines the advantages of webinar presentations with some valuable components of in-person group training.

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