The Australian Housing Data Analytics Platform is a unique federated platform for the ingestion and management of digital data on housing and the built environment. It will allow rapid multi-scale complex modelling and simulation to address the pressing questions regarding housing provision and sustainability across Australia.

The Australian Housing Data Analytics Platform will provide housing researchers and planners with a transformative capability to objectively design and evaluate new policy and practice with regards to the future development of Australia’s urban conurbations, assisting in the driving of economic recovery, social inclusion and resilience across Australia’s $7 trillion housing market.

1 National Housing Data Framework
A national housing data framework including a national map of the key housing data custodians across Australia, identification of priority national housing datasets for the digital platform, recommendations on an enduring housing data linkage facility, and use cases, scenarios and testing specifications for the platform.
2 Housing Data Portal
An integrated and interoperable digital housing platform built on AWS cloud infrastructure. Federated in design, and acting as a unified window to the partners’ existing platforms.
3 Colouring Australian Cities
Colouring Australian Cities is an ongoing collaboration between international research institutions keen to share open code to advance transformative research into sustainable and resilient urban dwelling stocks. In the context of Australia there are a number of missing housing data attributes which would be immensely valuable for housing research, including building age, building condition, materials, energy efficiency, etc.
4 Building the Housing Analytics Workbench
A suite of interrelated housing-focused analytical tools accessible to all users utilising the AHDAP and hosted on an online workbench, initially populated with four existing tools. The workbench will be extensible so other tools can be added in future.
5 Capacity and Community Building
Communities of practice will be built around the data platforms and analytical tools. End users will be engaged through face to face and online training sessions and symposia.

Core features

Improved housing research
Improve Australia's ability to undertake housing research and support policy decisions that are fair, data-driven, and accurate by implementing a common, extensible data model to facilitate the consolidation of Australian housing datasets.
National standardised datasets
Facilitate research into areas such as housing supply, affordability and diversity through making available nationally standardised and trusted datasets.

Who is this project for?

  • Researchers
  • AURIN urban research community
  • Government (state and commonwealth)
  • Private agencies
  • The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) research network

What does this project enable?

  • This project brings together key Federal agencies responsible for researching and monitoring national housing and planning policy, a collaboration that will deliver a sustainable national governance model for Australia’s digital housing assets and provide researchers and policymakers with a prioritised set of nationally harmonised housing data
  • Reductions in time and resource costs required to search, process, and implement data into advanced research and analytical models
  • Opens new research possibilities into areas such as housing supply, affordability and diversity through making available nationally standardised and trusted datasets integrated at the parcel/lot level
  • Giving researchers the ability to choose the most appropriate spatial resolution to undertake analyses
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