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16 Mar

Co-Design Workshops for the HASS and Indigenous Research Data Commons

HASS and Indigenous Research Data Commons Co-Design Workshops

About the Event

Following a recent grant of $25 million from the Australian Government’s 2023 National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) funding round, we are inviting the research community to join workshops to co-design programs for the HASS and Indigenous Research Data Commons.

The new grant enables the ARDC to expand the HASS and Indigenous Research Data Commons, which is establishing long-term, enduring national digital research infrastructure to support researchers to harness research data to enhance Australian social and cultural wellbeing, and help understand and preserve our culture, history and heritage. 

Workshops are being held in February and March for the following program areas:

  • Creative arts
  • Media(ted) data (publicly available social media data)
  • Improving Indigenous Research Capabilities
  • Language Data Commons of Australia

The co-design workshops

We seek to develop infrastructure that creates the greatest impact for research and researchers by co-designing that infrastructure with the people who will benefit from it. 

Through the co-design workshops, we aim to better understand the current digital research challenges faced by researchers and managers of Indigenous data. We will discuss the investment opportunity that ARDC has identified, with the aim of learning:

  • what outcomes and developments would be of most benefit
  • what will be both valuable and feasible
  • how our investments can align with other activity in the sector.

Who should participate

  • HASS and Indigenous research community, including academics, researchers and citizen scientists, particularly those involved in data-driven research
  • managers of Indigenous data
  • senior decision makers at research, GLAM and Indigenous institutions, industry and NGOs
  • those who collect and manage data for use by research
  • research infrastructure providers and digital skills trainers

Register now for the workshops

To learn more about the co-design workshops and register to attend, please click the links below: