Australian Digital Observatory Research Data Roundtable

What are your research data challenges? Share your experience at the Australian Digital Observatory's Research Data Roundtable.
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About the Event

The web and social media platforms have been popular sources of data for researchers, but they are becoming increasingly inaccessible. Platforms such as Twitter and Reddit are making it harder to access research data by closing their APIs or charging for them. These are new challenges that researchers now have to navigate.

As a research infrastructure facility set out to support researchers – especially those from the humanities, social sciences, and other disciplines that are traditionally non-computational – with their data problems, the ARDC-supported Australian Digital Observatory would like to understand better the data challenges you are going through at this in-person Research Data Roundtable. Your feedback and input will contribute to insights into researchers’ challenges and pain points – and how they can be addressed.


  1. Forum: Researchers share their research problems, current data challenges, and what data capabilities they need for their research.
  2. Feedback: DO introduce new data capabilities that might be helpful for researchers. This is for researchers to provide feedback on these capabilities and suggest potential improvements.

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28 September 2023


10 am to 12 noon (AEST)




GP-638, P Block, QUT Gardens Point, 2 Gardens Point Road, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Run by

Australian Digital Observatory