Introducing Liam Jensen, the ARDC’s New Indigenous Intern

Liam Jensen

In October 2023, the ARDC welcomed Liam Jensen to our Indigenous internship program.

The ARDC Indigenous Internship program aims to promote Indigenous-led research infrastructure development and uplift digital skills for young Indigenous people interested in working in the research infrastructure sector. It is an important part of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and Indigenous Research Data Commons (HASS and Indigenous RDC), which is enabling researchers to harness research data to help Australia understand and preserve our culture, history and heritage. 

Liam follows in the footsteps of Lisa Rigney, the first ARDC Indigenous intern. Liam is assigned to the Indigenous Data Network at The University of Melbourne.

Jenny Fewster, Director of the ARDC HASS and Indigenous RDC, said, “The ARDC’s Indigenous Internship program is a vital component of our program to uplift digital research skills in the HASS and Indigenous research sector and create powerful digital research tools and platforms for researchers.

“We warmly welcome Liam to the ARDC, and look forward to working together to support and promote Indigenous data, perspectives and contributions within the research ecosystem.”

Levi-Craig Murray, who is working alongside Liam at the Indigenous Data Network, said, “The Indigenous Data Network is fortunate to have recruited yet another exceptional intern in Liam. He embodies the type of candidate these roles were created for and invested in.

“By diversifying pathways and creating clear, tangible opportunities like this, young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interns, such as Liam, have the chance to supercharge and enrich their careers from the outset.”

Liam is a Wiradjuri man and grew up north of Brisbane. He has a background in data analytics and spatial data.

Liam said, “I jumped at the chance to be part of an exciting project that would build on my current experience in data analysis and provide me the opportunity to be part of an Aboriginal-centred project that can improve the lives and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities.

“My goals for the future absolutely include giving back and helping Aboriginal communities throughout Australia. I look forward to learning from Aboriginal knowledge holders how Indigenous data can be respectfully and culturally protected. I plan to utilise any new skills I learn throughout this internship to always benefit my people.

“I hope to learn from different Indigenous communities around the world regarding the collection of Indigenous data. I also look forward to discovering innovative solutions that have a focus on building confidence and trust within Aboriginal communities.”

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