The ARDC recognises that  open and accessible inputs and outputs of research drive research innovation, impact, and quality.

Researchers and the broader community stand to benefit from the knowledge produced by publicly-funded activities. The ARDC is committed to maximising this benefit by ensuring that the outputs of the ARDC and ARDC co-invested project activities are disseminated as widely as possible and in a manner which enables maximum reuse by humans and machines.

The ARDC requires the application of the FAIR principles to ARDC’s own materials and to outputs from co-invested projects unless there is a valid case why the principles cannot be applied, and this is accepted by the ARDC.


Application of the policy

Guidelines for adhering to FAIR Principles:

The ARDC provides guidelines and workflows for staff within ARDC to provide clarity on how ARDC outputs can be made FAIR or valid cases for exception.

The ARDC provides partners with guidelines to provide clarity on how they can ensure that project outputs are made FAIR or valid cases for exception.

Relation to Intellectual Property of partners’ materials:

Partners in ARDC activities will often own IPR in materials produced or used in ARDC projects. 

Partners in ARDC activities will generally be required to provide ARDC with a licence and a right to sub-license the IPR in the Materials created.

Specific arrangements related to IPR in Materials are prescribed in  ARDC contracts with partners.

Download the policy here [PDF, 211KB].