Enhance your research with quick and easy access to extra computational capabilities.

The ARDC hosts important services for researchers on its Nectar Research Cloud, which can save time, boost your productivity and give you added power to conduct ground-breaking research.

Nectar’s versatile cloud infrastructure can be used in many different ways to support research, ranging from our new Virtual Desktop Service for a single researcher, to a powerful computational server that can be shared by researchers in Australia and internationally.

More services will come online throughout 2022, as we work to deliver Australian researchers’ cloud computing needs.


What is the Virtual Desktop Service?

Nectar cloud services

Need another computer to carry out compute processes for your research? The Virtual Desktop Service is your personal computer in the cloud and can be used to free up your laptop or workstation. Once you have created a virtual desktop, you can leave it running for uninterrupted processing for up to 14 days, with the ability to extend for additional 14-day periods. And when the job is done, you can shelve it to save it for later, or delete the desktop to free up reserved computer processing and memory resources for other users. Otherwise it will be automatically shelved after the 14 day time period, unless you extend it.

The Virtual Desktop runs on the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud and currently has 4 desktops to choose from: Ubuntu 20.04, Centos 7, Neurodesk (provided by AEDAPT) and Fedora Scientific.

Learn about the Virtual Desktop Service and view the tutorial.

More Services on the Way

The ARDC will be rolling out more services throughout 2022 that use the Nectar Research Cloud to provide additional computational capabilities for Australian researchers. These will include new desktops for the Virtual Desktop Service, Jupyter Notebooks, a national GPU/Large Memory machine service and other initiatives.

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About the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud

The ARDC Nectar Research Cloud is Australia’s national research cloud, providing cloud computing services and tools to Australian researchers. Launched in 2012, it is used by scientists and researchers throughout Australia, from their offices and homes.

Nectar provides Australia’s research community with fast, interactive, self-service access to large-scale computing infrastructure, software and data, and is a powerful platform for collaboration. At any given time, this massive research cloud is supporting more than 8,000 virtual machines, using more than 50,000 virtual central processing unit cores, being run by more than 2,000 researchers, and being used by thousands more.

Read more about Nectar.

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