ARDC Research Link Australia

Bridging the information gap between research, industry, business and government for impactful innovation
ARDC Research Link Australia

ARDC Research Link Australia (RLA) enables you to find information about: 

  • Australian research and innovation activities
  • the researchers, research organisations, government agencies, business and industry partners involved in these activities.

Who Is Research Link Australia For?

The RLA platform is designed for:

  • researchers and publicly funded research organisations to find business and industry partners to translate their research discovery into the development of real-world products
  • industry and businesses to find research collaborators to enhance their research and development (R&D) capabilities
  • policy makers and governments to gain a picture of the national research capability.

The RLA platform is designed to:

  • improve visibility and connectivity of government initiatives, R&D capability and collaboration opportunities from both publicly funded research organisations and industry
  • provide access to richer information to facilitate services and activities that are linking universities and research organisations, businesses, industry and government.

Start using RLA today as we continue to grow the platform.

What Information Is on Research Link Australia?

Currently, the service utilises information from various sources on the following:

805,500+ researchers


1.8 million+ publications

As linked from ORCID profiles – publication records are mainly from PubMed and Crossref

310,000+ organisation records

From the Registry of Research organisations (ROR), the Australian Business Registry (ABR), Crossref and Wikidata

88,000+ funded activities

Either directly from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), or from ORCID profiles

132 instrument records

You’ll be able to explore the data with interactive analytics dashboards for all research areas or specific domains, such as health and wellbeing research, and Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander research. More dashboards will be added as more information on grants becomes available.

The ARDC is continuously incorporating a wider range of data sources (e.g. patent data), features and enhancements.

How to Contribute Data to Research Link Australia

If you wish to contribute data to RLA, please contact [email protected].

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