RAiD Research Activity Identifier Service

The persistent identifier that groups all your research project activities together.
RAiD Research Activity Identifier Service

What is a Research Activity Identifier (RAiD)?

A RAiD is a unique and persistent identifier (PID) for research projects. It records the PIDs of related research activities for a particular project in its metadata envelope, such as:

  • ORCIDs for people
  • DOIs for data and publications
  • RORs for institutions.

About Our RAiD Service

The ARDC’s RAiD service is free and can be used by any research organisation, lab, institution or agency.

The service facilitates the minting of RAiDs for research activity and helps integrate the ARDC RAiD API into research platforms. It can be used to assign RAiDs to any research project or activity.

Before using the production service, users are required to assign the RAiD user agreement.

Ways of Using Our RAiD Service

Web Interface

The ARDC’s RAiD service web interface is intended for users expecting to mint only a very small number of RAiDs, or as an interim arrangement while a machine-to-machine service is established using the application programming interface (API).


The ARDC’s RAiD service API enables the creation of RAiDs via a machine-to-machine connection. The API is intended to be integrated with research management software or other applications and workflows.

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