Sensitive Data Needs Assessment

Request a free needs assessment for your project to identify sensitive data management needs.
Sensitive Data Needs Assessment

Our free sensitive data needs assessment helps project leads and members identify sensitive data management needs for your project. 

The assessment provides a broad overview of sensitive data management within your project, and can help to identify which aspects have already been considered and which require further planning and assistance.

The Approach

The assessment uses a guided interview approach that breaks down sensitive data management issues according to a structured framework. 

We recommend that the session be attended by a project member or members who are best placed to give information about both the regulations and procedures that constrain the use of the data, and the systems on which the data will be stored and analysed. 

The assessment will take approximately 90 minutes, with no preparation required, and will be held via Zoom. It will be conducted by one of the ARDC Engagements and Expertise team members experienced in sensitive data management.

The Outcomes of the Assessment

Possible outcomes of the assessment include: 

  • Outlining the project’s current approach to the management of sensitive data
  • Identifying gaps or issues which require clarification
  • Identifying areas where external support may be required

The ARDC will provide a summary of the key points raised in the assessment.

Please note that this is not a benchmarking activity, and the ARDC cannot provide legal advice. All responses will be treated as confidential.

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