Are you interested in the maturity of your organisations’ Research Data Management services? If you answered ‘yes’, the Research Infrastructure Self Evaluation (RISE) workshop might be for you.

The Research Infrastructure Self Evaluation (RISE) model, developed by the Digital Curation Centre in the UK (DCC), has been tested internationally amongst a range of universities. It breaks down the different levels of maturity of various services for research data management and sharing and will help identify the institution’s RDM maturity level. The model also allows for comparing self assessments between research organisations.

RISE diagram

About the workshop

We currently offer a free mapping RDM capability workshop for research organisations, like universities and Medical Research Institutes, to self assess the maturity of their Research Data Management (RDM) services using the RISE model.

The workshop will bring together representatives from the Library,
Research Office, IT, eResearch, Ethics and Integrity, Office of the DVCR, Research Office, Records Office and HDR training to gain a shared understanding and perspective on future directions. This can inform gaps, priorities and planning for RDM services across the organisation into the future. The workshop will take 2.5 hours and does not require pre-reading.

Outcomes of the workshop can include:

  • identifying your institution's current level of RDM service
  • discussing current gaps in your institution’s RDM service
  • identifying areas for improvement
  • identifying priorities, which service areas are of higher priority
  • input for a roadmap to increase the maturity of RDM service.

For more information, please contact your local Engagement team member

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