FAIR resources for training

We have a number of handy resources and ideas below to help you run workshops on FAIR data, or include FAIR in your existing training:

What to consider when using data management frameworks and strategies

We offer a training package for software and tools developers on the FAIR data principles and how to design software and tools to support making data more FAIR more easily.

The ARDC FAIR for developers training package consists of two webinars and a half-day hands-on workshop. The training package enables both research support staff and research software engineers to better understand the FAIR principles, and how they might be applied to make research data more reusable. The webinars can be tailored to be relevant to your discipline(s).

Training Webinar 1

This webinar provides information on how the Findable and Accessible properties of data can be enhanced by introducing concepts such as digital object identifiers, metadata standards and online discovery services.

EXAMPLE: View the Biosciences Webinar 1

Training Webinar 2

The webinar enables attendees to better understand aspects such as Interoperability and Reusability through approaches such as shared vocabularies and ontologies, and data licensing.

EXAMPLE: View the Biosciences Webinar 2


We then offer a follow up hands-on half-day workshop for project and/or research support teams to work through particular datasets, software, or research processes to make them more FAIR. The workshop involves analysis of current approaches and assessment of these using the FAIR data self-assessment tool, with outcomes including a roadmap of activities that will result in FAIRer data. To register your interest in this training, contact us.

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