Identifiers for Instruments Webinar

Learn all about why persistent identifiers (PIDs) for instruments benefit your research.

This 2019 webinar is a great source of information on how identifiers are being created and assigned for instruments in Australia. It presents a use case by the National Imaging Facility and speaks to other experts in the area. 

Identifiers for instruments

Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) are long-lasting references to a digital resource and have many benefits. PIDs for instruments:

  • enable unambiguous reference to digital representations of instruments
  • generate metrics that quantify the use of instruments and the rationale for future funding
  • link data to the instruments that generated them (provenance) to help with published papers and data tracking and citation
  • aid equipment logistics and mission planning
  • improve the discoverability and visibility of instruments and their data, published on the web.

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