How can software containers help your research?

Recorded: 26/07/2021

This video explains software containers to a research audience. It is an introduction to why containers are beneficial for research. These benefits are standardisation, portability, reliability and reproducibility. Software Containers in research are a solution that addresses the challenge of a replicable computational environment and supports reproducibility of research results. Understanding the concept of software containers enables researchers to better communicate their research needs with their colleagues and other researchers using and developing containers.

Check out these useful resources for researchers and institutions working with research containers:

  • The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has a list of videos and tutorials explaining containers
  • If you are a researcher in Australia you can build containers in the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud
  • If you are already familiar with containers in research you are welcome to participate in the Australian Research Container Orchestration Services (ARCOS) Community via our webpage here.

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