FAIR Data Guidelines for ARDC Project Data Outputs

We provide guidelines and resources for ARDC projects on how data outputs involved in the project will be made more FAIR. 

The ARDC encourages the adoption of the FAIR principles as a valuable way of making research outputs more reusable, both for humans and machines. 

This guideline translates these into a practical set of actions for ARDC projects, that will make the data more FAIR. 

The ARDC is an NCRIS facility and it is the policy of the Commonwealth NCRIS program that “data generated, created, captured or stored by NCRIS funded projects will be made available to the wider research community based on the F.A.I.R. principles.”

Please consult with your ARDC liaison for the project as they will be able to provide guidance, support and organise training on all these aspects.

If you believe there is a good reason why a certain aspect cannot be addressed, please discuss this with your project liaison as early on as possible. The reason for it not being addressed will need to be documented and provided in the progress and final report.