Data Governance Checklists for Research Projects and Institutions

Use these checklists to ensure data for your research project and institution is well governed.

Data governance is integral to any research project and the institution in general. We’ve compiled questions covering 14 areas of data governance that you can ask yourself to ensure good data governance is in place for your project or institution. The 14 areas are:

  • existing data governance
  • roles and responsibilities
  • training
  • data ownership
  • data location
  • data handling and curation
  • data sensitivity, classification and ethics
  • data storage and retention
  • data access
  • licencing, copyright and IP
  • data reuse
  • tools to support data management
  • data type, format and size
  • risks.

More on Data Governance

Learn more about data governance and get related resources on our dedicated page.

  • ARDC Ltd. (2023). Data Governance Checklist for Research Projects.

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  • ARDC Ltd. (2023). Data Governance Checklist for Institutions.

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